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Timpani and Percussion requirement questions answered for over 8300 works!

  • Currently 8328 works by 732 composers, constantly updated
  • Orchestral, operatic and contemporary repertoire
  • All works broken down into individual movements and with additional notes
  • Request works to be added, and add your own
  • Alphabetical composers search and advanced searching
  • Comprehensive dictionary of Percussion instrument names and definitions in different languages
  • Listing of works which don't require any Percussion
  • Programme planner - search for works which require a specific number of Percussionists
  • Scheduler - link works to your season's calendar
  • Support from an experienced professional percussionist
  • Used by hundreds of orchestras and percussionists worldwide
  • iPhone and iPad compatible
  • New Features coming soon:

  • Gig sheets - organise your Percussion team for every concert
  • Additional notes and useful comments on each work from different Percussionists
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